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John Prichard

John PrichardPhotographic Art

Allen, TX


I try to blend Digital Art with my Photography to achieve Imagery. If you feel what I felt and found interesting in the scene, then I have succeeded.

After retiring (engineer for 35 years), I restarted my photography love but with a new twist. I took some art classes (not photography) and I realized that we each see/record-in-brain scenes differently ... not as an image but rather as a composite of shape recognition, filtering and feelings ... muting things we are not interested in, emphasizing things we are interested in, like color, streams, meadows, etc. The painter gets to paint what he views important from the scene but the photographer is stuck with everything. Now, with digital photography and processing, I can get closer to what my mind saw.


13104 Earful from Plants


13027 Casey Point Character


12827 Yellow Chairs in Waiting


12813 Portland Head Lamp


12922 New Balls for Old Boat


12879 Translucent Blue


12878 The Quinceanera


12877 Blue Dancers


12737 The Verandah


12736 Eagle Mountain House


12726 Rangeley Lake


12717 Echo Lake


12711 Root Pathway


12702 Cathedral Ledge


12697 To Another Time


12579 Moet Love


12694 From The Foot


12690 Albany Covered Bridge


12668 Ripley Falls


12624 Mt Washington Summit Stage Office


12622 The Cog


12610 On Top of New Hampshire


11901 Exposed


11902 Pots in Waiting


11916 Reflections